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Free Online Course on World Geography, Weather, Climate & Regions

Lesson 1: The Basics: What in the World are You Talking About?


Let's Learn the Terms

In this portion of the lesson the geography tools that you will add to your toolbox are the words and terms that are commonly used in the field of geography. You will identify and define the six elements of geography, as well as the two main branches of geography. You will also identify fourteen geographical terms and their uses. You probably already know many of the terms, but some of them may be new to you. The definitions are brief and may not be enough to make you comfortable with the terms that are unfamiliar to you. Don't worry about this, since it is practice that enables us to incorporate new vocabulary. Just use the flashcards at the end of the objective to help you memorize the terms. As the course progresses we will use the terms and you will become more comfortable with them.

The six essential elements of geography

Let's start with the six essential elements of geography. All of the skills and knowledge that you will obtain in this course are a part of the six elements.

Use the activity provided below to review the six elements of geography. You should be familiar with these concepts, so take some time to scroll through the elements. You will see cues in the light green boxes at the bottom of the activity. Click the cue and you will see the element of geography in the dark green window at the top of the activity. The definition will appear in the definition window. Scroll right or left to review more terms.


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