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Welcome to Open Learning, your e-learning portal where we have designed a variety of FREE online courses. This will be your first and last stop in your quest for FREE education, FREE classes, FREE studies, FREE knowledge towards becoming a bright, better, educated, knowledgeable & refined new person. All our courses are FREE, NO registration is required, try them and see how it helps you change your whole perspective on things and your personality.

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In order to provide world class online education, in practically every field, has designed the following categories that contain outstanding, easily assailable courses for you to choose from, depending upon your personal priorities and needs.



International Business
Personal Finance
Finance for Managers
Attracting Venture Capital Funding
Investment Appraisal
Financial Accounting
Financial Planning
Financial Ratio Analysis
Finance for Non Finance Managers
Global Trends In Finance
Fundamentals Of Management Accounting
Accounting and Finance for Managers
Capital Budgeting Analysis

Capital Structure of Firms


Selling Step By Step
Marketing Management
Marketing Research
Art Of Effective Selling
Master plan Guide to Profitable Sales and Marketing Development
Sell Your Way To The Top

Human Resources

Employee Grievances and Discipline
Employee Stock Options
Performance and Potential Appraisal
Job Analysis and Evaluation
Job Design and Enrichment
Economic and Social Environment
The Perfect Interview – How To Get The Job You Really Want
Motivating People  

Customer Service

Know Your Customers
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Consumer Behavior and Motivation

Personality Development

Personal Finance
Public Speaking
Creating Confidence – Developing your personal power and presence
The Perfect Interview – How to get the job you really want
The Art of Effective Communication
Assertiveness Training
Are you using both halves of your Brain?
Body Language
Table Etiquette
Positive Attitude
Gentleman Dressing
Etiquette in Business
Dress Ethics
Conversation Skills
Gestures and Expressions
Getting Along with People
Managing Time
Training and Development


Ten Mantras to Corporate Success
Corporate Espionage
How to start your own DOT COM
Business Plan Basics
Business Needs and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
The Right Business Strategies
Franchising Business and You
Mergers & Acquisitions
Learning Office Automation
Competitive Strategies
Knowledge Management

More Courses

US Citizenship
World Geography
Food Preparation in the Home
Vegetable Gardening
Resume Writing
Art of Wine Tasting
Art Appreciation Basics
Basics to Forensic Entomology



International Business
Be a Better Manager
Creativity for Managers
Effective Team Management
The Art of Effective Time Management
Developing People - The Key to Success
The Art of Delegation
Effective Meeting Facilitation
Essentials Of Management
Great Managers
Being a Valuable Team Member
Building a Winning Team
Strategies for Managing Change
Etiquette in Business
Conflict Management
Change Management
Become A Great Interviewer
360 Degree Feedback
Electronic Etiquette
E-Mail Etiquette
Introduction to Creative Thinking
Group Dynamics
Introduction to Strategic Management
Managing Yourself
Maximum Managing People
Promoting Etiquette
Small Call Center Management
Training a new focus
Management Principles And Practices
Introducing ERP In The Organization
Liberating Leadership : A Manager's Guide To The New Leadership
Managing People
Strategic Management

Quality Management

What is ISO 9000
Quality by Design
Quality Improvement
Quality Management System
Quantitative Techniques
What Is Six Sigma

Environmental Management

Environmental Management System
Forest Management in India


Stress- Can you fight it?
Freedom from Migraine
Good Bye to Office Fatigue & Stress
The Concepts of

Self Help

Handling Our Own Aggression & Anger
Coping With Depression
Building Self confidence
Improve Your Reading Speed
Motivation Defined

Information Technology

Basics of Computers - Introduction to Computers
Expert Systems
e-Commerce Fundamentals
Short cut to Windows
Keyboard Shortcuts
10 FREE Ways to promote your website
Computer Tools and Architecture
Computer Information Management
Internet Network of Networks
Programming Computer Languages
Enterprise Resource Planning
Fundamentals Of Information Technology
Fundamentals Of Management Information Systems (MIS)
Programming Concepts And Languages
Systems Analysis And Design

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